Why Hire McNally Law Office


Andover criminal defense attorney Mark McNally founded this firm with the intention of helping others. Even when accused of the most serious crimes, we as Americans have the right to protect ourselves from self-incrimination. We are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. We are entitled to trials by juries of our peers. We have the right to legal counsel. Attorney McNally upholds these and all of our rights through his work as a criminal defense lawyer.

You can experience a number of benefits when you choose Attorney McNally and our team for your criminal case:

  • Attorney McNally has 37 years of legal experience, and he has personally tried 100s of cases.
  • When you choose our firm, you work directly with Attorney McNally, not an inexperienced lawyer or a paralegal who cannot truly protect your interests.
  • In addition to offering a free consultation, we have affordable prices to help you get the representation you deserve.
  • Our legal counsel is based on an aggressive, unrelenting approach that helps us present more effective defense strategies inside and outside of the courtroom. We don't rest so you can.
  • Our attention to detail and thoroughness enable us to uncover otherwise unseen defense strategies and weaknesses in prosecuting attorneys' cases to benefit our clients.
  • We always strive to be responsive to our clients, keeping them informed and answering their questions so there are no unwanted surprises.

Choose an Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Attorney

When your future is on the line, there is no substitute for experience. Combine that experience with a powerful trial attorney, and you have a recipe for success in juvenile, district, and superior court proceedings. Andover criminal defense lawyer Mark McNally and the rest of our team here at McNally Law Office are ready to show you just how much of a difference we can make in this difficult time.

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“Without Mark I don't know where I'd be. I would not hesitate to recommend him as your attorney, I'm fortunate to have met him.”

- ED


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